Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions



Eh Okay Transfers does not offer refunds or store credit unless applicable. Refunds/store credit will be at the discretion of Eh Okay Transfers and will only be considered if a print has printer’s defect. Prints that are pressed on shirts are not eligible for refunds or store credit and Eh Okay Transfers will not be held liable for the cost of materials (i.e.: shirts, canvases, bags etc.…) We highly recommend that you purchase additional prints and test on scrap fabric if you are unfamiliar with your heat press machine and our screen print transfers/DTF transfers. Refunds or store credit if applicable, will be processed within 24-72 business hours.

In the case of a defective product or wrong item, please email us with your concerns within 3 days of receiving your package.


Please note that color variants might be slightly different to the mock ups due to the setting on the screen you used to order (laptop, phone, etc) and the colors of inks being mixed together to make a match in color.  Some shirt colors also enhance or dull colors as well. 

All Transfers are ONE TIME USE.  Please refer to the pressing instructions to get information how to use and the temperature to do so.

For current TAT please check our Facebook Group or website banner.  

PLEASE KNOW WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOST OR DAMAGED ORDERS due to USPS, Canada Post or any other shipping company. We have paid for ROUTE on every order as a courtesy to protect your orders, if there are any damages please contact Route or us immediately to replace your order.

We reserve the right to not reship but instead refund any missing or damaged product.

Please note if we decide on a special case basis to refund your order we can opt to charge a 50% fee if your order has been processed or printed.  If your shipping label is already printed as well the fee is 60% meaning you will only receive 40% of your order back if we decide to refund your order.

All artwork that is customer submitted must be a minimum of 300 DPI and submitted in CMYK colours.  Any colour adjustments that happen when artwork is submitted and converted from RGB to CMYK is not the responsibility of Eh Okay Transfers and remains the sole responsibility of the customer submitting the artwork.

Eh Okay Transfers does not check your artwork.  It the responsibility of the customer submitting the artwork to ensure that the images are clear and high quality.

We highly suggest that the customer submits their images with a transparent PNG.  If you submit your artwork in SVG or another format there could be changes to your images due to our programs not having those fonts, etc.  PNG will ensure those qualities stay the same. 

Custom artwork must be submitted with a transparent background.  We print your images as submitted and if your artwork is submitted with a background it will be printed as such. 

Eh Okay Transfers is not responsible for images that are printed fuzzy, distorted, pixelated, with a background, incorrect colouring or font due to artwork provided by the customer in an incorrect format or low quality images. 

Agreeing to our Terms and Conditions means that you have read all the above information and have read our FAQ page, TAT page, ADD to order information and pick up information.  

You are agreeing to all terms and are aware that custom orders are solely the customers responsibility to ensure that they are created and submitted properly, in the correct format and high quality.  We are not responsible for orders submitted sub par or incorrectly.  

Shipping is out of our control once in the hands of the courier.  Please note that Route will replace orders that are lost or damaged but courier delays are out of our control.  Please expect delays during natural disasters, inclement weather or holidays.  If you need your order sooner please ensure that you order in a timely fashion to ensure you have ample time and you can opt to pay for faster shipping and/or rush fees.  

Rush fee only ensures EH OKAY TRANSFERS rushes your order, not the couriers.